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This spot is specifically for my original characters. I did not draw any of these!

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EDIT: 01/11/15 Pixel Artists Wanted!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 10:32 PM

We are currently looking for permanent (or semi-permanent) pixel artists for an avatar site known as Chloria. If you think you will become unable to work for us after a short period of time of being on the team, please do not apply. It has come to my attention that many of our artists start out extremely interested, then leave for their own personal reasons. It is very disheartening to have such wonderful artists working for us, then have them suddenly leave. With that in mind, please continue reading if you are still interested and believe you can contribute to our team.

If you are interested in a position on the artist team, please choose at least two of these bases (male and/or female is fine) to pixel your own outfit/set of items for us, so we can see how your style corresponds with Chloria's. The items you create do not matter, as long as they are within the rules and guidelines of what is acceptable on Chloria, and are not similar to existent items we already have on the site. Please try to make at least 6-8 different items, if not more, as it makes it easier to determine how well yours works with Chloria's. At this time, we can not afford to pay well, so please keep this in mind before you apply. If there are money issues, please state them as soon as you are accepted!

We are also accepting applications for recolor artists. You will be given site currency (silver) ONLY for your works. Please make sure you understand this 100% before you apply for this particular position. You must have basic knowledge/understanding of how Chloria's items are colored/shaded in order to be accepted. Please provide examples of our items you have chosen to recolor to apply. You do not need to have items on our base if you are interested in a recolor position. The tasks/information below do not apply to recolor artists.

Please feel free to make yourself familiar with the site and item shops if you need ideas for how Chloria's items are made or should look. Once you have finished your items, please send me a note here on dA or PM me on Chloria (you can also add me on skype and speak to me there: lolita.stocking is my username) Please do not add me on skype if you are not here for a business matter!

Please do not upload your submissions to dA or share them with anyone! If you are chosen as an artist, we will likely be using any items you make, so unless they are recolors, please don't do it! The only acceptable sites you are allowed to upload these images to are hosting sites- tinypic, imgur, photobucket, imageshack, etc. Any picture upload hosting site where only you and I can see the submission are acceptable. Again, please do not share them with other people. Once your submissions are released, then you may upload them to deviantart or wherever you choose for others to see!

You will receive gold and/or silver as payment for your items along with what little amount of cash we can spare until the site picks up. We always keep track of how much we owe you, so when the site makes more, you WILL be compensated. Please keep this in mind before you offer to work for us, as it can cause inconveniences (for you and/or for myself) otherwise, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you are interested in the position. We want you to have fun and enjoy working with us regardless of payment. If you are here only for dollar payment, this job may not be for you. We are a site in desperate need, we cannot afford to pay well until the site is able to pay for itself.

You are not required to create an account on Chloria, but it is highly recommended that you do so, so that other artists on the staff may contact you if they need something, as well as myself. If you are passing by and are uninterested 
in an art staff position, but you like avatar sites, please join and spread the word! You can also follow our tumblr account plurk account and facebook account for updates.

The tasks/information required for this job are as follows:
● Create item sets in a reasonable and/or set length of time, unless otherwise discussed [1 to 2 sets of 10 items or more **recolors of items do not count towards the amount** and a DI set a month is considered reasonable]
● Put all of your created items from the set into the control panel when given the OK (there is a tutorial in the artist forum to help you out that will be given to you, I can also help you.)
● Contact me by some form of means (skype, Chloria, dA, etc) if you are unable to do items at any point in time (such as going away on vacation for a week/etc) so that I know where your position stands and that you are still available to work for us.
● Create your own unique items rather than referencing from other artists ideas. Inspiration is OK.
● The ability to create items similar to Chloria's original style.
● The use of dithering to get the pixel-like effect. No tool-shading (pixels are too smooth and blended this way, it does not work with Chloria's style.)
● MUST be a trustworthy individual. You will be given private information to the site that users who are not on staff will not receive and should NOT give this information to ANYONE.
● Keep all projects between our staff ONLY until they have been released on the site- UNLESS there are livestream sessions available to the public community. (This means do not stream any projects you are doing on the site for ANYONE, unless they are public projects. Public projects do not include donation/limited/event items.)

EDIT: 9/19/14 Web Developers needed!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 1:09 AM

We are currently in need of web developers! If you have good developing skills for websites and have done coding/work on an avatar site or other similar websites/forums in the past, you may apply for this position. This position is for those who enjoy doing work to help out and want to improve their dev skills, but will not receive large payment for their work. (I currently cannot afford to pay well because of the little income the site makes at this time, I hope you understand. If payment is really an issue, please discuss with me what it is you are looking for so that we can attempt to raise this amount of money to have you work for us.) This position is open for the avatar site Chloria for those of you who are wondering.

Please send a note with samples of what you have done in the past regarding coding or layouts (on websites, avatar sites, etc) and if you would be able to do the tasks we have (a file will be sent to you), as well as if you are savvy with PHP/CodeIgniter. You can also message me directly on the site itself, in which case you would need to send a message to Yume. If you're not interested in a developer position but you know someone who might be, no worries! You can also spread the word of the site as well, as anything helps us immensely.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to note me with them. Please note that if I choose you, you will need to make an account on the site so I can add you to our developer staff, or you will need to add me on skype so that I have immediate contact with you incase we need something.

Thank you!


☆ lolita-stocking ☆

Hi! I'm Yume, nice to meet you. I'm 24 years old and run an avatar site called Chloria. I'm ambidextrous and allergic to a lot of things. Horseradish, face products (pretty much any..) and cats/dogs are just a couple to name. I'm not really a sweets person. I love to bake and cook.

I love several genres of music! Jazz and techno/vocal trance are some of my favorites. I also like R&B and a lot of foreign music. Cooking with Dog is one of my favorite youtube channels! BubzBeauty is my favorite youtuber. Roses are my favorite flower. Whose Line is it Anyway is a show I could watch all day every day. I love cats and small dogs. I want a pomeranian some day.

I love cute things like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma. I also love sharks, drawing, milk tea, sushi, horror games, singing, and tea!

My Gallery | Watch Me | Note Me | Chloria | tumblr | flickr

I DO NOT DO REQUESTS AT THIS TIME. Please stop asking.




skype || lolita.stocking
tumblr || sakakyoku
flickr ||…
SL blog ||

Let me know who you are if you add me!

Do you have a 3DS? Want a friend? Add me! 4597-0693-3791

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RLC neutrinoflavor!

C: Oreoocookiez by neutrinoflavorC: Keijira by neutrinoflavorC: Keijira by neutrinoflavorC: Rajaputi by neutrinoflavorC: Mayaandthemagic by neutrinoflavor

My good friend and amazing artist :iconneutrinoflavor: is currently taking commissions! You get very high quality with what you pay. Please support her. =)

Click here!



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